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BreakDown Roadside Stop

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BreakDown Roadside Stop

KribZ trudged through the desolate wasteland of Appalachia, the cracked asphalt of the highway leading him past the remains of the Whitesprings Resort. Each step he took kicked up small puffs of dust, his boots worn but sturdy, a testament to his years of wandering.

The Whitesprings Resort stood as a grim reminder of a bygone era, its once luxurious exterior now crumbling and overgrown with vegetation, before the Responders moved in and renovated it. KribZ had long since stopped marveling at such relics of the pre-war world. His eyes, sharp and searching, were always on the lookout for anything useful – food, water, ammunition, or shelter.

As he rounded a bend in the highway, KribZ’s gaze fell upon an old truck, its rusted frame leaning precariously to one side. He approached cautiously, his hand resting on the grip of his makeshift rifle. The truck’s back was rusted shut, allowing no one access to any potential treasure it may hold. Curiosity got the better of him, and he went to work to release the rusted lock to reveal a treasure trove of supplies inside.

There were crates of canned goods, boxes of medical supplies, and even a few jerrycans of precious gasoline. KribZ’s heart raced with excitement and disbelief. This find could sustain him for months, perhaps even longer. But as he stood there, an idea began to form in his mind. This truck, this relic of the pre-war era, could be more than just a temporary boon for him. It could be a lifeline for countless others struggling to survive in the wasteland.

Over the next few weeks, KribZ dedicated himself to transforming the broken-down truck into a roadside stop. He scavenged materials from nearby ruins, fashioning makeshift tables, shelves, and a crude but effective awning to provide shade. The supplies from the truck were organized meticulously, and a hand-painted sign was erected by the highway, reading: “BreakDown Roadside Stop.”

KribZ’s vision was simple: to create a beacon of hope in the harshness of the wasteland, a place where travelers could find respite, trade goods, and gather information. He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he began to spread the word among the local wastelanders and the vault dwellers from Vault 76. He offered fair wages and a sense of purpose to those willing to join him.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. People came from all corners of Appalachia, eager to be part of something bigger than themselves. Some brought their skills as craftsmen and medics, while others offered protection and muscle. Among them were vault dwellers, their blue jumpsuits now worn and patched, but their spirits unbroken.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the BreakDown Roadside Stop grew into a bustling hub of activity. A small community formed around it, with makeshift homes and workshops springing up nearby. The stop became known for its warmth and generosity, a place where even the most downtrodden could find a helping hand.

KribZ watched with pride as the roadside stop flourished. He saw weary travelers arrive, their faces etched with exhaustion and despair, only to leave rejuvenated and hopeful. He heard laughter and saw children playing in the dirt, their innocent joy a stark contrast to the harsh world around them.

The BreakDown Roadside Stop became a symbol of resilience and unity in a world ravaged by the fallout from the Great War. It was a place where the broken could find solace and the lost could find direction. And at its heart was KribZ, the wanderer who had turned a stroke of luck into a beacon of hope for all who passed through Appalachia.



Poster for Fallout 76 camp builder KribZ.


A generally favored builder in the wasteland and very proficient in building due to his history of up cycling before the war. KribZ is known as such due to his skill at building good domiciles, or "cribs" in the slang vernacular. 


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