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In an unused underground bunker in the Appalachian wasteland lies one of the first sushi restaurants to open up after the great war, called Sushi Atomikku (which roughly translates to Atomic Sushi). This fine establishment was built by the talented wasteland builder, Dumplin Head for a local that most would refer to at best as suspicious and at worst, seedy and slimy.

Despite the owner’s less than stellar reputation, Sushi Atomikku’s premises are 5 star! Offering a generous dining are with a traditional minimalist Japanese aesthetic, Sushi Atomikku is a relaxing and pleasant place to eat.

But that nice ambiance, crafted by Dumplin Head, is the about the only thing that makes the place desirable. Sushi Atomikku’s quality of food has been labeled as “eat at your own risk” by those who have survived their dining experience. Even the advertising of the restaurant brand proudly states the irradiated nature of the food, in broken English. But the restaurant also states, wrongly we might add, that this irradiated fish is not only safe to eat, but even more tasty than normal.

It is rumored that the Sushi Atomikku staff even go as far to purposely irradiate the fish to give it more flavor and grow it bigger! Whether this is true, or even if there is truth about the statement of the irradiated fish being more tasty, we cannot say. But one thing is for sure, at Sushi Atomikku you will have a one of a kind dining experience.


Dumplin Head

A very busy builder often seen wearing a chef hat that amazes the locals with her great builds but worries them with rumors of her past...


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