Rad Rux

One of the things that has been lost to the great war is orginial music. You can still hear the older, pre-war tunes blaring from a speaker box across the wasteland. You can even ear random wastelanders banging away on some drums or roughly strumming a guitar. But the one thing you don't hear is full and artistically arranged compositions of music anymore. Well at least you didn't hear them until the turntable spinning, wasteland builder Rad Rux came on the scene. 

Mainly residing at his creation, the Dusty Disco, Rad Rux throws together musical compositions just like he throws together builds, masterfully. You can visit his place and sit back and relax to new and unique sounds that will tickle your ears into pleasure as you also enjoy the wonderful ambiance that surrounds you knowing that all of the greatness that surrounds you, from the music to the place, was all hand crafted by Rad Rux himself. 


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