Volunteer To Help The Wasteland Construction Company!

Volunteer with us to help us find and list all of the builds scattered across this great land. We believe that everyone’s hard work should be shown off in a proper way. We also believe that there should be a place where any Fallout fan can go to find all of the great builds spanning Fallout 76 and Fallout 4. This is why We are building a repository of all of the great builds in the Wasteland and we need help to achieve this monumental task! Currently this venture is a non-profit entity and any help provided will not be compensated monetarily. But we will love an appreciate your dedication to the cause. There are plans to eventually bring in revenue through merchandise sales. Once this begins we will begin to compensate our volunteers and turn them into employees. 

Help Needed

Lore Specialist

We need someone well versed in the Fallout Lore to help with naming builds for builders as well as developing backstory for builds and builders. 

Graphic Designer

Every build and builder gets a logo to go along with their great build. We need someone that can help us craft a great logo for each build and its builder. 

Web Listing

We need an individual who is familiar with website design/development to help us with listing the builds and builders on the website. We use Wordpress and the Divi Builder so if you have experience with those that would be great. 

Video/Photo Editor

We need an individual to download the videos of some builds and extract screen grabs from the videos and enhance them for builds that don’t have proper photography. We also need you to be able to create entertaining videos for builds that don’t have videos and enhance provided images. 

Photographer / Videographer

Sometimes the best builds don’t have any good pictures of them or good videos of them. We need help getting quality images and videos of these great builds. 

Community Manager

If you are plugged into the Fallout community with use of websites like Reddit, Fallout forums, and social media Fallout groups then we could use your help promoting our mission. 

Volunteer With Us

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Explore all of the fantastic builds that the great wasteland builders are constructing to help rebuild the wasteland and make this land great once again!

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