Poster for Fallout 4 settlement build, Waterborn, by Kofi Carter (Alhoon Gaming).

NukaMegs Summer House 2021

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NukaMegs Summer House 2021

There isn’t many people in the wasteland that you would associate with the happiness of summer more than the iconic NukaMegs. Every year she constructs a unique summer house to be a fun resort to all her friends and fans in the wasteland. This year was no different! With a good view of the defunct Kanawha Nuka Plant, NukaMegs summer house sits on the Ohio River and offers a full pool with jacuzzies, a full stocked The Cap bar, changing rooms, and more. But the best thing about this summer house isn’t the house itself, its getting to sit by a pool of slightly irradiated water sipping an ice cold Nuka Cola with NukaMegs. So long summer, we look forward to seeing you again.



The daughter of the iconic Nuka Girl roams the wasteland in Appalachia building amazing structures, carrying on the legacy of her famous mother in her own way. 


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    Amazing! NukaMegs is one of the most talented game photographers I’ve seen, and this camp is giving me serious camp envy. ❤️


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