Onyx Nightshade

You might find it down right odd to find a lady wandering around the wastelands wearing a full spacesuit. You might also find it equally odd to find a structures that defy gravity or even fully functional spaceships sitting in the middle of the forest. Well, with the ethereal Onyx Nightshade inhabiting the area you are somewhat like to encounter both of these situations. 

A lot of the locals have reported having interactions with this spectacular, and downright other worldly, Onyx Nightshade. They report that she just ain't right. They even go as far to say they think she might be from another planet, maybe even one of those Zetans that people rumour about. On some occasions, some of the more fringe believers swear that she has been seen corresponding with the elusive Flatwoods Monster. 

With all the rumors aside one thing is for sure, Onyx Nightshade is one of the finest builders in the wasteland, often creating builds that breathe new life in this desolate land. 


Builds by this Builder

Starshade MkIV

Starshade MkIV

Onyx Nightshade shows off her extraterrestrial ability in building with this iteration of the Starshade.