Stargate Station

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Stargate Station

Walking under the old remains of the elevated train in the region commonly referred to as the Savage Divide you will come upon a peculiar structure suspended from one of the decaying ring structures. This station, built by the out of this world builder Onyx Nightshade, is thought to house experiements of extraterrestrial nature. There are reports of scientists working in the station and disappearing in the middle of the ring and then reappearing some time later. It also seems there is a quasi-militarized contingent occupying the station, keeping any curious wastelanders at bay. So not much else is known of this place, other than if Onyx Nightshade is involved then supernatural experiments are at work. 


Onyx Nightshade

A truly unique builder whose creations often defy the agreed upon laws of physics. Many speculate she is of extreterrestrial orgin.


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  1. Samuel J.

    Well done sir, love the music.


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