Toxic Taco

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Toxic Taco Truck

Long ago are the days when you could stroll down the street and stop at a local taco stand and get yourself a freshly made taco or burrito. Now everything has to be caught, killed, and coolked thoroughly to avoid the nastiest of diseases. But there is one man who is working to change that and bring back Taco Tuesday, and maybe even Taco Everyday! This man is Rad Rux, the musically talented, master builder in the wasteland. On top of his mission to bring original music into our sullen landscape, now he intends to bring us tacos! He’s like a summertime Santa! So don’t be alarmed if walking through the ruins of our region and you happen upon a brightly lit taco truck, its not a trap, its just the Toxic Taco truck!


Rad Rux

A turntable spinning, wasteland builder that crafts beats just like he crafts builds, masterfully.


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