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Fallout 76 build poster for BreakDown Roadside Stop CAMP by KribZ.

BreakDown Roadside Stop


A fortunate roadside find by build KribZ lead to a creation of a bustling roadside stop on the road souteast of Vault 76 near the Whitesprings Resort. 


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Explore all of the fantastic builds that the great wasteland builders are constructing to help rebuild the wasteland and make this land great once again!

Latest Event

The Joggen Schlagen

The Danger Run! A thrilling event where 6 people run through a maze full of traps, danger, and death!

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The Wastleand Construction Company hosts a myriad of spectacular events throughout the wasteland during the year to offer the good people of the wasteland some good ol' fashioned family fun to distract from the dangers of every day life. 


The Wasteland Construction Co. is actively working to rebuild the wasteland after the fallout of the great war. We showcase the best builds of the great builders that are helping to achieve this all over this great land.