Poster for Fallout 4 settlement build, Waterborn, by Kofi Carter (Alhoon Gaming).


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The Cap

The Cap is the closest thing we have to an official Nuka Cola bar in the wasteland due to the obvious demise of every single business after the bombs dropped. The establishment was designed and built by the famous NukaMegs, who also runs the bar. Of course we all know NukaMegs as Megs, the daughter of the iconic Nuka Girl from all of the Nuka Cola ads.

The Cap is a simple yet inviting Nuka Cola bar that features a lush floral décor that will amplify your enjoyment when stopping by for an ice cold drink. It also provides ample bar seating as well as a nice fireside seating area for the nights that are a little bit on the chilly side. Behind the bar it has a complimentary workshop area to make minor repairs to your gear.

There is also a secret and unsettling room hidden behind a faux Nuka Cola machine. This room appears to be a shrine of some sorts to Nuka Cola and holds two electric execution chairs. The purpose of this room or what goes on in here is a mystery, but we will just assume it is for good purposes to not tarnish the squeaky clean image of NukaMegs.



The daughter of the iconic Nuka Girl roams the wasteland in Appalachia building amazing structures, carrying on the legacy of her famous mother in her own way. 


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