The Stop Before The Top

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The Stop Before The Top

Travelling around the Top the World but got no place stay when you have finally arrived on this hell of a mountain? Well we got ya covered! Welcome to The Stop Before the Top, where you you can shop for ammo and supplies, have a bite, craft, and modify your noise makers. We also got a little cozy train cabin where you can rest, cook, and watch our 1 channel television. So just make yourself comfortable before you get back to your raiding. 

And if your feeling in need of a more pleasant stay, you can spend a pleasant time at our Cafe. Adorned with a pleasant Raider-Deco decor, the Cafe features a coffee shop and a lot of well cushioned couches to hang out on with your fellow raiders for a real good time. And if you are into art please come to our Pier and enjoy our little music room.

The Stop Before the Top was built by Jollyny with the intent to help her fellow raiders, and even settlers if they behave well, to rest and prepare themselves for more raiding. Just don’t you dare go upstairs or your head will be part of the menu. Oh, say hello to Rose for us!



A raider pirate with a very tragic backstory who curiously offers refuge and help to those in need.


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