Why allow your spectacular feat of architectural greatness rot away in the wasteland, undiscovered and unappreciated. Submit your build to us and let us showcase it with the proper paegantry it deserves! We will work with you on telling your build’s story as well as design a logo for your build and for you as a builder all for the low cost of absolutely nothing!

No Pictures? No Video? No Problem!

If you need help making a video and pictures for your build don’t worry, we will help you with this all free of charge!

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    Explore all of the fantastic builds that the great wasteland builders are constructing to help rebuild the wasteland and make this land great once again!


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    The Wastleand Construction Company hosts a myriad of spectacular events throughout the wasteland during the year to offer the good people of the wasteland some good ol’ fashioned family fun to distract from the dangers of every day life. 


    The Wasteland Construction Co. is actively working to rebuild the wasteland after the fallout of the great war. We showcase the best builds of the great builders that are helping to achieve this all over this great land.