Poster for Fallout 4 settlement build, Waterborn, by Kofi Carter (Alhoon Gaming).


Build Name

Langskip Ragnbjorg

Wasted History presents The Vikings. This is the story of the seafaring bandits known as the Vikings as told by the first documentary crew of the wasteland, Wasted History. Wasted History is the docu-series hosted and ran by charitable builder and history aficionado Cookie Dough. The show is spectacle of failure and constant fumbling, often by the crew of the show. The greatest entertainment you can expect to receive from watching is out of a morbid interest in seeing the crash and burn.

This episode features the Langskip Ragnbjorg, a true life Viking ship replica constructed by Cookie Dough herself. This ship is mysteriously hovered over the grounds of the old Whitesprings Resort and has become quite the tourist attraction to the locals. If anything good can come out of an episode of Wasted History, this construction would be it.

Featuring the Waggish Crew of the HMS Art.


Cookie Dough

A charitable builder who spends the majority of her time building for others and who is also a famous history buff.


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Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough arrived in Appalachia a year after The Great War. She was on her own and had to learn the ways of the wasteland. Over time she met other wastelanders like herself and made a group of friends. On the surface she's a bit of a tough cookie and can handle whatever the wasteland throws at her but deep inside she's really a big softie. This is where she gets her name, Cookie Dough. She is soft and sweet but if you apply too much heat she can get hard. Cookie Dough loves helping other wastelanders beacuse she hasn't forgotten how clueless she was when she first entered Appaclachia. So she spends a great amount of her time building houses, stores, warehouses, etc. for the less fortunate around her. Over her time in the wasteland she's explored various historical sites which have inspired her to get more into investigating, learning, documenting, and even re-building history. So when she's not building for others you may come across some historical construction conspicuously placed in the ruins of West Virginia, built by none other than the magnanimous Cookie Dough.