Joggen Schlagen

Event Description


With the coming of the annual Fasnacht celebration comes an all new event held in Helvetia, Joggen Schlagen. This event is held the first Week in March at the Helvetia General Store just on the outskirts of town. Joggen Schlagen is a race where competitors run a race through a dangerous maze full of twists, turns, traps, and perils that spans multiple, underground shelters. Competitors can work together to make it through obstacles or work against one another to ensure that they are the first one to the Fertig, or the finish and claim the Vergeben (the prize)!


Joggen Schlagen is a multi-day, bracketed event. Competitors have to compete in multiple races over the course of a month. The event allows up to 6 competitors at a time and the top 3 from each race will advance to the next race.. Competitors are asked to congregate in the lobby area of the Joggen Schlagen event shelter before the race begins. Before the doors open to the Joggen Schlagen a buzzer will be blared to alert competitors to take the starting positions at either entrance door. Once the doors are open competitors are free to run the Joggen Schlagen, which spans three different shelters. The first 3 competitors to reach the Fertig, or the finish, will be the winners of Joggen Schlaggen and advance to the next race. The final race will award the first 3 with prizes. 


Rules & Disclaimers

  1. Competitors must stay within the confines of the Joggen Schlagen building and cannot glitch outside of the building into the outside shelter area to bypass anything.
  2. Competitors must leave the Fertig, the finish area, after the event is over and cannot linger in any of the shelters awaiting the next event.
  3. In the case of a close finish the choice of the winner(s) is up to the discretion of the event judge. 
  4. The event is subject to cancellation if insufficient competitors sign up. 

Quick Details




Helvetia General Store in Helvetia


Various Times

Player Limit

Up to 6 Competitors at a Time


Win a Series of Races by Running the Joggen Schlagen and Survive and Be the First to the Fertig (Finish Line)


The Joggen Schlagen Spans Three Shelters




You must register for the Joggen Schlagen on this website.



Registration Form

Use the form below to register to be a competitor in the Joggen Schlagen. You will be assigned a time slot (which will be evening between the times of 8pm est. and 10pm est.) and then contacted with your time slot as well as complete instructions.

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