Crashed Plane Camp

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Crashed Plane Camp

In this new, post apocalyptic wasteland you have to be of the enterprising sorts. You have to use whatever you can find to the fullest. This principle is what wasteland builder Darth Xion has done, much to the delight of those that stumble across this camp. 

Resting in the region called the Savage Divide is the remnants of an old flying fortress bomber from before the great war. With a little ingenuity, a whole mess of junk, and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease Darth Xion has taken this wreck and made it a home for any homeless traveler. 

This crashed plane now houses a full living quarters, garden, vending area, bathroom, and automated Robco turrets for defence. Its a place that any ex-military person would feel right home in. 


Darth Xion

A native of England, Darth Xion creates unique structures and even offers building instruction to those he deems worthy.


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