Vault Secure at Vault 51

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Vault Secure at Vault 51

Keeping things “safed” is what the quirky, security mind individuals of Vault Secure does best! If you need need someone to hold a weapon, armor piece, piece of clothing, etc. while you do a trade then they are your people! Or maybe you need someone to secure your valuables so that no raider or blood eagle or any other miscreant steals them. Or quite possibly you just don’t have any more space left at your place and need a secure location to store your wares. Whatever the case you can feel secure knowing that Vault Secure has “safed” your thing!

This particular location for Vault Secure is their first store, and it is a fitting location seeing as how they have borrowed the stylings of the now defunct Vault Tec for their own branding. Located just outside of Vault 51 in the northern hills of Appalachia, you won’t find a better location for a Vault Secure store and you won’t find a better bunch of people to keep your items “safed”. 


Camping Kip

Born just outside of Sutton, WV Kip was an avid camper and outdoorsman before the bombs fell in and around Appalachia. Kip was also a handyman before the fallout, doing odd jobs for friends and neighbors but never finding a true purpose until...


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