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This elaborate and festive camp was built in the Helvetia area and was meant to be a gathering point during the Fasnacht festivities which are still carried out by the local protectrons, believe it or not. Love ’em or hate ’em, those robots sure keep the party going.

The main entrance, of the camp, was the signature Wasteland Camping tent entrance which includes hidden stairs for camp access located inside the tent. We surrounded the tent with local fauna and mounts in order to give our visitors the feeling of still being out in the wild but safe from the dangers thanks to the wide array of turrets we were able to procure and install. Please note that turrets are not guaranteed to protect you from all threats and may actually target you or any other number or random thing. Exercise caution when around them. 

The sprawling camp housed all the amenities needed by any wary wasteland traveler. The workbench area was lit with festive blue, yellow, red, and green lighting to bring a little excitement to the tedious work of weapon and armor repair. Due to complaints of poor visibility from our terrible choice of lighting in an area where bright light is seriously needed we have installed lamps for use.

Sitting areas with great vistas of the river were installed throughout the camp so our customers can enjoy the beauty of nature without a pack of wild mongrels trying to chew a leg. 

The main selling point of our camp is our wide selection of plans that we have for sale. These plans will help any wasteland camper in their attempts to build their own camps out in Appalachia. Our automated plan dispensers, commonly referred to as vendors, are scattered throughout the camp, usually alongside decor display rooms showing off what is possible to build with the for sale plans. Just keep in mind some items may require the harvesting of atoms in order to be built. We understand that makes no sense.

Adding to the delight of our visitors is our one and only Junky who runs Junky’s Food Dump, our on-site cafe. Junky is a repurposed collectron who has a unnatural obsession with trash and junk. But we have reprogrammed him to use only the finest ingredients when whipping up delectable treats like Fasnacht Donuts and Fasnacht Sausages. Please note we are not responsible for any maladies or sickness that may occur after eating at Junky’s Food Dump.


Camping Kip

Born just outside of Sutton, WV Kip was an avid camper and outdoorsman before the bombs fell in and around Appalachia. Kip was also a handyman before the fallout, doing odd jobs for friends and neighbors but never finding a true purpose until...


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