Poster for Fallout 4 settlement build, Waterborn, by Kofi Carter (Alhoon Gaming).


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In the rugged expanse of the Commonwealth Wasteland, where remnants of the old world crumbled under the weight of devastation, a beacon of resilience emerges. Meet Kofi Carter, the visionary survivor who turned a desolate seafront into a post-apocalyptic paradise, named Waterborn.

Located just south of Warwick Homestead and west of the mysterious Spectacle Island, Waterborn stands proudly on pre-war metal posts, their original purpose lost to time. Kofi ingeniously repurposed these forgotten structures, weaving a seaborne sanctuary that defies the harsh realities of the wasteland.

The heart of Waterborn lies in its self-sufficiency. Kofi, a master of resourcefulness, stocked his floating haven with all the essentials for survival. Every nook and cranny is filled with carefully curated supplies, salvaged from the remnants of the old world. From tools and workbenches to a makeshift power armor station, Waterborn embodies Kofi’s determination to thrive against all odds.

A limited yet reliable power source fuels Waterborn’s essential systems. Kofi’s ingenuity shines through in the combination of a hydro power system and water purifier, providing the homestead with a steady supply of electricity and fresh water. The rhythmic hum of machinery harmonizes with the gentle lapping of waves, a testament to Kofi’s ability to adapt and conquer the challenges of the wasteland.

The aquatic haven boasts a flourishing fish farm, ensuring a sustainable source of protein. Crops, carefully tended to in makeshift gardens, add a touch of greenery to the floating refuge. It’s a testament to Kofi’s commitment to not only surviving but thriving in this unforgiving world.

The strategic location of Waterborn offers unparalleled protection against the threats that roam the wasteland. Accessible only by a single sailboat, the sanctuary is a fortress against the dangers that lurk on land. Kofi’s fishing expeditions, essential for sustenance, double as a lifeline to the mainland.

Despite its practicality, Kofi regards Waterborn as a departure from his usual standards. The makeshift structure stands as a testament to the compromises one must make in the wasteland. Yet, in its imperfection, Waterborn remains a testament to human resilience and the ability to find solace amidst chaos.

In a surprising twist, Kofi contemplates gifting his seaborne home to someone who might need it more than he does. A beacon of hope in a desolate world, Waterborn stands as a testament to Kofi Carter’s ingenuity, resourcefulness, and the indomitable spirit that defines the survivors of the Commonwealth Wasteland.



An ex-NCR Ranger that has found himself in the Commonwealth helping to rebuild the area and constantly trying to reconnect with his squad. 



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Kofi Carter

Kofi Carter started out in the region of New Vegas after having lost his memory in a shooting, where a local doctor helped him and provided him with something called a pipboy from his time in a vault. During Kofi's travels he helped the local group known as the NCR (New California Republic) who were battling a group called Caesar’s Legion (That however is a whole other story) After assisting the NCR in the final battle of Hoover dam, he went on to become an NCR Ranger. On a recon mission his squad encountered a group of deathclaws, where after a short skirmish they managed to drive the deathclaws off, however not before one his squad was killed and Kofi himself was injured. When retrieving the dog tags from their fallen comrade they discovered that he was some sort of robot masquerading as a human. Upon informing the NCR, the body was recovered and taken away for experimentation and investigation. With the Idea that they could save many soldiers lives by using the robots as front line soldiers and spies. The NCR found that they could not duplicate the technology; however they were able to get access to the robot's memory core, Where they found it came from the east coast in the Boston region. However nothing was found on whoever built the robot. Having been ordered to travel east with his squad and find out what he can about the robot and see If whoever constructed it is still around, and if they would be interested in working with the NCR, for the betterment of mankind. Upon travelling East as part of a caravan most of Kofi's squad was lost in defense of the caravan from super mutant and raider attacks, leaving Kofi and one other. After arriving in the Boston region Kofi set up camp in a small town called concord. After a few weeks of travelling about the Boston area (diamond City and Bunker Hill)., asking questions and meeting up with local caravans, Kofi found the robots were known as Synths and that they were made by a secretive group known as the Institute. Finding out about a local Vault someplace north of Concord on the outskirts of what remains of a small community from before the war, the vault seemed an Ideal location for Institute to be hiding. However, before Kofi was able to investigate the vault he was attacked by a group of raiders, Kofi managed to fight off a number of them before he was knocked unconscious. Kofi awoke to find himself in a cage with the body of his compatriot lying dead next to me. The raiders moved Kofi about and he was forced to fight in a gladiatorial ring for his life. Sometimes against slaves, sometimes against other raiders. Kofi managed to survive this way for about a year. Recently, the raiders were attacked by a group of super mutants, who captured or killed every raider. They transported him back to their base of operations. The mutants rested for the night and a number of raiders decided to try and make a break for it knowing exactly what was going to be in store for them. In the confusion Kofi managed to slip away into the night. Kofi eventually found a dead wastelander where he was able to acquire more substantial clothes than the slave outfit he was currently wearing. After travelling for a short time Kofi came upon a radio tower, In the hopes that he could get it working in the morning and somehow contact the NCR he bedded down as best he could for the night. Now it is morning, and Kofi finds himself tired after a sleepless night, in hostile territory with no weapons to speak of and with no idea as to his location.