Poster for Fallout 4 settlement build, Waterborn, by Kofi Carter (Alhoon Gaming).


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In the rugged expanse of the Commonwealth Wasteland, where remnants of the old world crumbled under the weight of devastation, a beacon of resilience emerges. Meet Kofi Carter, the visionary survivor who turned a desolate seafront into a post-apocalyptic paradise, named Waterborn.

Located just south of Warwick Homestead and west of the mysterious Spectacle Island, Waterborn stands proudly on pre-war metal posts, their original purpose lost to time. Kofi ingeniously repurposed these forgotten structures, weaving a seaborne sanctuary that defies the harsh realities of the wasteland.

The heart of Waterborn lies in its self-sufficiency. Kofi, a master of resourcefulness, stocked his floating haven with all the essentials for survival. Every nook and cranny is filled with carefully curated supplies, salvaged from the remnants of the old world. From tools and workbenches to a makeshift power armor station, Waterborn embodies Kofi’s determination to thrive against all odds.

A limited yet reliable power source fuels Waterborn’s essential systems. Kofi’s ingenuity shines through in the combination of a hydro power system and water purifier, providing the homestead with a steady supply of electricity and fresh water. The rhythmic hum of machinery harmonizes with the gentle lapping of waves, a testament to Kofi’s ability to adapt and conquer the challenges of the wasteland.

The aquatic haven boasts a flourishing fish farm, ensuring a sustainable source of protein. Crops, carefully tended to in makeshift gardens, add a touch of greenery to the floating refuge. It’s a testament to Kofi’s commitment to not only surviving but thriving in this unforgiving world.

The strategic location of Waterborn offers unparalleled protection against the threats that roam the wasteland. Accessible only by a single sailboat, the sanctuary is a fortress against the dangers that lurk on land. Kofi’s fishing expeditions, essential for sustenance, double as a lifeline to the mainland.

Despite its practicality, Kofi regards Waterborn as a departure from his usual standards. The makeshift structure stands as a testament to the compromises one must make in the wasteland. Yet, in its imperfection, Waterborn remains a testament to human resilience and the ability to find solace amidst chaos.

In a surprising twist, Kofi contemplates gifting his seaborne home to someone who might need it more than he does. A beacon of hope in a desolate world, Waterborn stands as a testament to Kofi Carter’s ingenuity, resourcefulness, and the indomitable spirit that defines the survivors of the Commonwealth Wasteland.


Kofi Carter

An ex-NCR Ranger that has found himself in the Commonwealth helping to rebuild the area and constantly trying to reconnect with his squad. 



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