Salem Island Homestead

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Salem Island Homestead

Off of the coast of the remains of Boston you will notice a circular outcropping of rocks that looks so perfect that they would appear to be hand placed there. What you won’t notice is sitting in the middle of this circular rock outcropping is a nautical homestead that is both quaint and exotic. This homestead is referred to by its owners as the Salem Island Homestead. 

Before the bombs dropped in the Commonwealth there was a Forest Ranger who discovered this small island and always thought it would be an ideal place to settle down. Of course this was an impossibility at the time because of his meager salary and the fact that the island was owned by the Massachusetts government. But that all changed once the apocalypse began.

During the fallout from the war the Forest Ranger and his wife both became ghoulified by the radiation. The couple initially saw this as a curse but quickly saw the blessing of it once they realized the long life that a ghoul can have, that is as long as they steer clear of any marauding raiders.

Wanting to steer clear of raiders and also wanting to realize their dreams of living on the island the couple finally set out to build their dream homestead on the island but found it quite difficult due to the logistical challenges posed by trying to build on an island. These logistical challenges almost stopped the couple from building their homestead until they met Kofi Carter. 

Kofi Carter, the ex NCR Ranger turned builder, found favor for the couple and assisted them with the construction of their island escape. It was with his expertise and strength that the couple was able to finally see their long awaited dream home come to life. 


Kofi Carter

An ex-NCR Ranger that has found himself in the Commonwealth helping to rebuild the area and constantly trying to reconnect with his squad. 


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