Poster for Fallout 4 settlement build, Waterborn, by Kofi Carter (Alhoon Gaming).

Watoga Biological Sciences Center

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Watoga Biological Sciences Center

The Structure was a joint venture between the newly revived Vault-Tec and Arktos Pharma groups, the Watoga Biological Sciences Center is a marvel of post-war construction and scientific achievement. The purpose of the center is to study new mutations in local biology and reverse engineer radiation resistances for the betterment of all mankind in the post-war landscape. At least, that is what the representatives from these two groups are telling the local populations. But if history has taught us anything its that we need to be very weary of these two, especially if they are working together.

The structure that houses the Watoga Biological Sciences Center was constructed by the nomadic Daka The Wanderer. It is an a-frame construction with lots of open spaces for effective collaboration between the staff. It also houses a super reactor at its center to provide plenty of power to the building. The a-frame construction was an innovative construction by Daka, pulled off by using old Vault Tec vault stair pre-fabs.


Poster for Fallout 76 CAMP builder Daka The Wanderer.

Daka The Wanderer

A nomadic builder that wanders the wasteland constructing impressive builds then abandoning them to the locals.


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