The Stop Before The Top Cafeteria

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The Stop Before The Top Cafeteria

Stumbling into The Stop Before The Top Cafeteria you would be flabbergasted to discover that this nice and well-maintained establishment is built and intended for Raiders. The same Raiders that you normally find living in filth, junk, and less-than-desirable settings. But that is exactly who this fine establishment is intended for, according to Jollyny, the creator. An establishment that boasts a welcoming diner and game room with an upstairs, and upscale, lounge that is finished perfectly off with a wonderful piano room. I guess the Raiders can enjoy the finer things in life just like everyone else, at least that is what the staff of The Stop Before The Top Cafeteria think. 



A raider pirate with a very tragic backstory who curiously offers refuge and help to those in need.


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