About The Wasteland Construction Company

The Wasteland Construction Company is a collection of the greatest builders in all of the wasteland, all working together to rebuild this great land. Started by an unassuming handyman from before the war, Kip Calhoun, The Wasteland Construction Company has worked dillengtly to recruit and identify the best and brightest builders still constructing wonderful works in the post-apocalyptic landscape. The purpose of this website is to showcase the works of these great builders as well as offer instruction, resources, guides, events, and much more to these builders on top of providing a community where the wasteland builders can collaborate and socialize. 

How Can We Help You?

The Wasteland Construction Company will display your build on our website and will promote it throughout all of the wasteland for you! We will also create a builder profile page for you on our website and promote that as well! On top of promoting your build we can also help you will doing photography, videography, naming, backstory, and just about anything else related to your build. We can also help with your build.

Builder Branding

As a wasteland builder your name matters. This is why we will help you create a fully fleshed out identity for yourself as well as create a logo for your builder character.

Build Branding

We will help you name your build and then design a logo for it. On top of that we will work with you on creating a story/purpose for your build to give it an entertaining tale. 


We understand getting good pictures out in the wasteland is hard. This is why we will take your images and enhance them, making them truly pop! Don’t have any images? Well don’t worry, we can take them for you!


Having a great video to truly show your build is very important so this is why we can help you with your build video. We can ehance your already created video, create a video from your already filmed footage, and even film your build for you! We will focus on making the video entertaining for others to watch as well as show off your great build!


It doesn’t matter if you have the best build, best pictures, and a great video if no one sees it. This is why we spend a considerable amount of time and money in promoting your build to the wasteland community so everyone can enjoy the artistry of your creation. 

All Services Are Free! So Submit Your Build Today!

We will do whatever is necessary to showcase your build for you. 

Meet Our Founder

Camping Kip

Born just outside of Sutton, WV Kip was an avid camper and outdoorsman before the bombs fell in and around Appalachia. Kip was also a handyman before the fallout, doing odd jobs for friends and neighbors but never finding a true purpose until...



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Explore all of the fantastic builds that the great wasteland builders are constructing to help rebuild the wasteland and make this land great once again!

Latest Event

Joggen Schlagen

Joggen Schlagen is a race where competitors run a race through a dangerous maze full of twists, turns, traps, and perils that spans multiple, underground shelters. Competitors can work together to make it through obstacles or work against one another to ensure that they are the first one to the Fertig, or the finish and claim the Vergeben (the prize)!

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The Wastleand Construction Company hosts a myriad of spectacular events throughout the wasteland during the year to offer the good people of the wasteland some good ol’ fashioned family fun to distract from the dangers of every day life.