Poster for Fallout 76 build called The Sweet Potato by Baked Potatie.


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Created as a unique refuge for those in the wasteland who still seek out romance, The Sweet Potato is a couple’s resort situated on a pristine lake in the Appalachian hills. The Sweet Potato offers the fine folks of the wasteland an experience not seen anymore after the fallout of the great war.

It is said, from the resort’s advertising that is, that guests of this fine establishment can expect to be pampered with luxurious rooms that offers beds free of any rad roaches or blood stains. Each of the rooms comes equipped with a working fireplace as well to sit cozily by on those cold nuclear winter nights. Guests are also provided complimentary firewood to fuel the fire or to use as torches in case of any attacks from the local wildlife. Each of the rooms offers a unmatched view of the lake that the resorts sits adjacent to. Its also important to note, in case of raid from raiders or super mutants your balcony doubles as a great way to escape by jumping off of it into the lake below.

Also promoted by its builder, Baked Potatie, is the grounds of the resort. It is stated that when guests are not enjoying marital bliss in their well appointed rooms they can promenade around the grounds, which they are proud to say are 100% skeleton and carcas free now. On the grounds guests will find delightful surprises like a serene and relaxing porch, an exciting gift shop with pre and post war items, a well appointed bar, and a well stocked florist selling only the finest flora with the lowest radiation emission around!

The Sweet Potato is just one of the ways that the sweet soul herself, Baked Potatie, gives back to the fine people of the wasteland by working to keep romance alive.


Baked Potatie

Wandering around the wasteland you may run into a jovial, sweet soul with a very laid back disposition, named only Baked Potatie. 


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