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Langskip Ragnbjorg

by Cookie Dough

The first documentary crew of the wasteland tells the history of the Vikings in the worst way possible.

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Macabre Carousel

Macabre Carousel

Deep in the woods in the Mire lies a strange and out of place sight, a carousel that just doesn’t seem totally harmless.

The Cap

The Cap

The closest thing to an official Nuka Cola bar that we have in the wasteland, run by the iconic NukaMegs.



Floating conspicuously above the grounds of the Whitesprings is an amazing pirate ship!

Latest Event

Escape From Sector 8

A thrilling escape experience brought to you by the minds that created Mischief in the Mire, Gorgetown. 

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The Wastleand Construction Company hosts a myriad of spectacular events throughout the wasteland during the year to offer the good people of the wasteland some good ol' fashioned family fun to distract from the dangers of every day life. 


The Wasteland Construction Co. is actively working to rebuild the wasteland after the fallout of the great war. We showcase the best builds of the great builders that are helping to achieve this all over this great land.