KD Inkwell’s Vault of Antiquity

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KD Inkwell Vault of Antiquity

Perched atop the highest mountains in Appalachia is the unusual home to a fictional character, KD Inkwell. At least she was once thought of as fictional. But it seems that wasteland builder, Aqua Nova, has either built a shrine to one of her favorite pre-war fictional characters or someone, maybe even Aqua Nova herself, has taken up the mantle of KD Inkwell. 

This home is broken into seperate living areas that are all stocked full of antiquities and each area is precariously connected via an open-air walking bridge. Great views abound but it is sure not the place for those who fear heights. 

Besides its unusual design, the biggest question is who really resides in this unreachable home? Is there really a time-travelling adventurer that uses this build as home base or is it simply an homage by a rabid fan? Unfortunately, it looks as if this will be a question that may never get answered. 


Aqua Nova

A truly magnificient builder that is brining a modern style to the wasteland that has never been seen before.


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