Megs was only 6 when she entered Vault 76. She lived a very sheltered life before the bombs dropped. Her Mother was a model before Megs was born. Her campaigns for Nuka Cola covered the walls of the trophy room in their home. She had also done work for Vault-Tec and had various “Vault Girl” helmets as well. Megs loved to try on the helmets! Now days, her mother worked as a spokeswoman for the Landview Lighthouse and as the main photographer for the tourists. She had spent so much time with photographers that she had mastered the craft. Megs grew up loving photography!

Meg’s Grandfather had actually designed the lighthouse with college friends. He was a structural engineer who graduated from Morgantown College. Meg’s father followed his footsteps and became a structural engineering genius. He was always busy, he built many local vaults, including one just up the hill, Vault 76.

Two days before the bombs dropped, her mother had to go to the Nuka Cola plant for the latest ad they were running. They were going to release the All-New Nuka Cola Quantum! Megs got a kiss and then her mom was gone. Megs often stayed with the owners of the Lighthouse when her parents were away. The Jamiesons had become like grandparents to her. Mr. Jamieson, was her grandfather’s old engineering professor.

On October 23rd, Megs woke, ate her sugar bombs, and put on her Halloween costume. She had decided to trick or treat as Vault Girl. Her Dad was coming by today! He just HAD to see how much she looked like Mom!

Suddenly, some alarms started sounding. She saw a man running towards her. It was her father! “Dad! Look at my costume!” He didn’t say a word, he grabbed her hand and they ran up the hill to the Vault.

That’s the last memory she has from that day. Her mother died that day. She was lucky enough to keep the Vault Girl mask all these years. She was called Nuka Megs growing up in the vault, after all, her mother was Nuka Girl. Her father passed away a few years after the bombs. Now Megs wanders the wasteland, trying to keep a smile on her face and lift spirits through her photography. When she can’t manage a smile, this is the wasteland after all, she wears her mask.


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The Cap

The Cap

The closest thing to an official Nuka Cola bar that we have in the wasteland, run by the iconic NukaMegs.