Hampstead Crest poster for Fallout 76 camp build.


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Hampstead Crest

Deep in the forests of Appalachia lies a home built upon Hampstead Crest. This home was built by the famous up cycling and renowned builder, Cribs. This home is a cozy one bedroom with workshop and garden. It also features a creative open air sitting room just adjacent to the garden. The other great thing about this house besides its warm and cozy design is the amazing views it offers of the surrounding area. One of Crib’s original builds and it is a great one.



A generally favored builder in the wasteland and very proficient in building due to his history of up cycling before the war. Cribs is known as such due to his skill at building good domiciles, or “cribs” in the slang vernacular. 


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  1. Kofi Carter

    Nice build, I don’t really play 76 just 4 but this looks really cool, I liked the small building out beside the fire.


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