Fisherman’s Retreat

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Fisherman’s Retreat

The constant struggle for survival, in the wasteland, can wear down even the most hardened survior. Between mole rats than can surface out of the ground through any surface and robots that target you just for being in the vicinity, you just can’t catch a break in the post apocalyptic world.

This is why Darth Xion has graciously built this serene getaway to help any wastelander retreat from the normal day to day troubles by staring over a peaceful lake and fishing for irradiated creatures from the pier. This retreat offers stunning views of said lake with a back wall of glass. It also has a full kitchen, workbench area, bedroom and sitting area. Please do be advised, protection from any wayward creature is not guaranteed. 


Darth Xion

A native of England, Darth Xion creates unique structures and even offers building instruction to those he deems worthy.


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