Mothlight Funeral Parlor

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Mothlight Funeral Parlor

Deep in the forest lies a funeral parlor with a menacing edginess to it. Advertising that dying is easy but burial is not, the Mothlight Funeral Parlor seems like a respectable business at first but once you delve deeper there seems to be darkness afoot.

The parlor offers a casket sizing room paralleled by a floral section for the bereaved. It is topped by a full fledged chapel with a conspicuous Mothman statue placed front and center. Locals theorize the parlor could be a front for crazed Mothmen Cultists or maybe something more sinister like a all you can eat buffet for remnants of the Gourmands. All that is know is that the only one who truly knows the secrets of the place other than the creepy minister that haunts the halls is the builder herself, Dumplin Head, whose reputation is anything but spotless.


Dumplin Head

A very busy builder often seen wearing a chef hat that amazes the locals with her great builds but worries them with rumors of her past...


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