Baked Potatie

Wandering around the wasteland you may run into a jovial, sweet soul with a very laid back disposition, named only Baked Potatie. Little is known about Tater's (as she is affectionately called by her friends) past. It is rumored that she was a 5 star check at some of the finest establishments and she specialized in baked potato recipes. It is also rumored that she was in charge of a hotel and kept the heat too high to save money on the power bill, therefore roasting all the guests in the hotel or baking the potatoes. There is also stories saying that she was just a sweet soul that loved potatoes and herbal relaxers.

Whatever the truth of this sweet soul one thing is for sure, she is a profecient and responsible builder here in the wasteland. Baked Potatie often crafts builds that are maze like and complex, but in a good way. Her builds span and sprawl with an eclectic mix of decorations that were obtained randomly from various places around the wasteland.

You will usually find her builds in more idealic and remote spots, allowing fantastic views of the untouched, natural beauty that remains after the fallout. So if you find yourself in the wild and come upon a nice structure occupied by a happy, sweet lady, then just consider yourself a lucky potato.

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