Cursed The Trapper

Cornelius "Otis" Johnson's family business had always been construction, his father built houses, his grandfather built then worked railroads. Otis was chosen for vault 76 because of his superior architecture knowledge, "to rebuild America" was the plan after all... After leaving Vault 76, he tried to stay neutral at first, surviving best he could, trading his building knowledge for food, weapons, ammo and anything else he needed. Occasionally he'd end up building a home for someone, only to not receive payment, and either be forced to recoup or forced to run, again to survive...

One wintry day he was in Charleston, trekking through the high-rise ruins for supplies, when he slipped on some rotten wet lino flooring, skidded and then fell down into an elevator shaft, badly wounded, he barely survived. After crawling out of Charleston under the cover of darkness for what seemed like days until he happened across a CAMP hidden in a ruined shed. It was full of corpses and bags of worthless loot, long left abandoned. He had a new construction idea, and a new way to always receive payment. He was out alone, as usual, he found a group of people that he recognised from the vault- they'd built an empire out of the ruins, they were The Vultures. After sharing his vast knowledge, skills and the spoils from his many murders with these friendly folks, they offered him a place in their crew. Now counted as one of their brethren, "Cursed" as he is called by the Vultures, acts as a supplier of dead peoples things, and can be found usually at his home CAMP, "there he goes killing again..." they say.

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