Your Submission Was Sent!

Congratulations, you are now booked to experience the thrilling Escape from Sector 8! With this experience you can expect a guided, theatrical experience through one of the wasteland’s most exciting and mysterious locations, Sector 8! You will be sent an email with more detailed information once your submission is received.


Welcome to Escape from Sector 8, a guided roleplay experience. Your roles are those of Halloween party-goers who blacked out and woke up in this grimy medical facility, with no knowledge of each other or how you got here. You will need to work together and pay attention in order to escape.

The tour consists of 5 camps through which you will be guided by a stranger among you and scenes that play out. The tour should last approximately 20-30 minutes.

Please make sure you’re in pacifist mode, and that you do NOT have Master Infiltrator equipped. Locked doors are a part of the experience and shouldn’t be picked.

During the tour:

    • DO stick close to your guide, and listen to what they say!
    • DO get into character and talk amongst yourselves! The more you participate, the better the experience.
    • DO consider keeping your pip-boy light off, and your game HUD opacity at 50% or lower, for the spookiest experience.
    • DO toggle off “Voice Overlay” in the Xbox party for immersion
    • DON’T wander away or explore or on your own unless instructed by your guide.
    • DON’T use power armor or jetpacks.
    • DON’T pick locks.
    • DON’T fight with any of the actors, even if they’re attacking you. They can’t hurt you.

And most importantly, DO have fun!

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