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Chatham Desalination

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Chatham Desalination

Just off the coast of Warwick Homestead in the Commonwealth (formely Boston) was the remains of an old desalination facility from before the fallout of the great war. The facility was only accessible by boat and no one dared to swim there due to the toxic water and irradiated sea life, no one that is until Kofi Carter. 

Kofi saw the ruins as an interesting outpost and potential scavenging location but little did he know what he would find there once he arrived. Braving the waters and sea monsters for a swim Kofi set out to the old facility to find it anything but abandonded. In fact it was inhabitated by a somewhat famous and enigmatic character, Taylor White.

Taylor White was a graffiti artist, in the Commonwealth, who adorned lots of local structures with his artistic expressions. Taylor White was also a ghoul. Taylor was barely squeaking by an existence on this rusted out facility, living off of gulls and fish and sleeping on a hard, iron floor. Kofi, being the gentle soul, took compassion on Taylor and decided to help him make this place a more habitable space.

While working on the small island Kofi discovered a hatch that was previously grown over from years of wild growth. Upon entering this hatch Kofi and Taylor discovered a good size science laboratory underneath the ground. This facility was well preserved and seemed to have been only recently abandonded, like in the previous years.  This underground facility appears to either have been built by the Institute or at the very least repurposed for use by them. It included a fully functioning life support system along with rooms and supplies that could be used in a myriad of ways.

After discovering this facility Kofi got to work repurposing it for use for him and for Taylor, deciding to enlist Taylor to work alongside of him. The whole facility was transformed by Kofi into a base of operations for both of their missions in the Commonwealth as well as a well accomodated escape from the desolation of the surface.


Kofi Carter

An ex-NCR Ranger that has found himself in the Commonwealth helping to rebuild the area and constantly trying to reconnect with his squad. 


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