Macabre Carousel

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Macabre Carousel

Deep within the woods of the Mire sits an unusual sight, a functioning carousel. But unlike most carousels, which are fun and merry, this one seems to have a darker, more sinister motive. Just like many things do here in the ol’ wasteland. 

This plank carousel, seems to have some Mothman Cultist vibes to it. It also has a creepy circus feel to it as well. It is reported to have been built by Kova, which if true, would truly be a departure from his usual builds. 

Regardless of if Kova built it or not, the owner of the carousel and what its purpose is has yet to be established since no local is brave enough to try to take a spin on it. So it has been branded Macabre Carousel by the local folks and there it sits, alone in the woods, lit up and ready to offer a merry-go-round to any brave soul that dares to take it for a spin.



A innovative German that migrated to the hills of Appalachia before the Great War who now only goes by the name KOVA. 


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