The Hangings Treehouse

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The Hangings Treehouse

One of the things that isn’t guaranteed here in the wasteland is safety. This is what prompted master builder, KOVA, to build a series of hanging structures from a massive tree located in what locals now refer to as the Mire. 

This build is comprised of a series of hanging rooms that each have their own function to the dwellers of this build. Each room is suspended from the massive branches of the tree and also supported by the invasive strangler vines.

Access to each room is achieved by accessing a carefully crafted path that is riddled with traps to keep out any unwanted visitors to this cleveryly constructed domicile. 



A innovative German that migrated to the hills of Appalachia before the Great War who now only goes by the name KOVA. 


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  1. Svetlana

    This is so cool!!! It must have been pretty hard to make as well.


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